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Couple Seduces Teen

Tracy wasn’t sure what was going on. She had just turned eighteen but was asked to baby sit one last time, but when she showed up only Clint and his wife Debbie was there. They invited her to sit on the couch when Clint started coming on to her – really hard.. And right in front of his wife!

Although she was their baby sitter, she had always wondered what it would be like to fuck Clint. If his wife was into it, she might just let it happen. In fact, knowing that his wife was watching him play with her perky teen breasts was starting to make her panties wet!

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Eventually Debbie helped Tracy out of her clothes, and then had her get down on her knees to suck off Clint…. Debbie guided and taught this dark haried teen how to suck off her husband’s cock!

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Seduce The Sitter

John and his wife Mari decide to hire a sexy baby sitter.Not that they have any kids though, they saw this hot teen tart that is 19 years old taking care of the neighbors so they just knew they had to book her for a few hours.They brought her in and they were very horny to get at this hot teen.This married couple are hardcore swingers and they wanted to show this sexy teen what fun was all about.


Mari instructs the horny sitter how to take her husbands cock into her teen mouth.That stiff muscle just arrives into her teen mouth and he begins to pump her face with the cock.The teen babe opens wide as Mari counsels her and instructs her on how to take that dick and make it a great blow job.


Now its Mari’s turn to show the teen babe how she going to ride that cock with her wet pussy. She straddles her m,ans cock and she rides it up and down and side to side as she licks and sucks on the hot teen sitters nipples and tits.


Horny Teen Likes To Ride

Oh there’s nothing that turns on some girls more than a throbbing powerful machine between her legs.


Ok, so maybe that mini bike is not enough for this horny teen. That guy with the big dick on the back of the bike sure is. She’s going to get all the hard pounding she craves.


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