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Cute Carmella Becomes a Very Bad Girl

What’s a cute and energetic girl to do with her summer? Well, if the girl is anything like Carmella, she will spend it fucking her days away! Why bother flipping burgers when giving blowjobs has a better pay off? The super flirty brunette slips out of her striped dress and shows her perky boobs to you. She has long brown hair, a young Katie Holmes-like smile, and a body just begging to be brought over to the raunchy side. A pornstar in the making, Carmella enthusiastically offers up her soft body. She lets a stiff dick have its way with her and she giggles with glee throughout her new erotic adventure. See Carmella cum at Reality Kings.


Teen Slut Eats Up Jizz

Joey was a hot teen slut who craved attention. Maybe she had daddy issues, maybe she just liked sucking cock

She played with her pussy while sucking him off… She knew she was going to get a huge facial and knew she would have to get herself off!

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When he came on her face she knew exactly what to do… She didn’t back off and try to avoid it, but instead took all of his jizz load right in her mouth – and then licked off his cock too!

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Teen Slut Takes Facial

Tiffany was always a little slut. She loved the cock more than anyone else… And she was able to get all of the cock she wanted!

She was a party with what she was hoping was gong to be her next boyfriend when they found an empty room… She quickly took his cock in her hand and started sucking him down!

Turns out she turned him on too much…

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He was ready to cum too quickly and ended up shooting out his entire jizz load all over her face!

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No one mistakes Vanessa for sweet and innocent, but Thomas didn’t expect her to be a cock sucking slut either. Usually chicks like her don’t even bother with sucking cock

But he was in for a surprise!

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Not only does Vanessa get off sucking cock, she gets off getting a facial! She loves the taste of jizz, and she loves pleasing her man!

She’ll take a sperm facial over intercourse any day!

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Hot Slut Fucked From Behind

She had a tight little petite frame and he knew she loved getting off…. He wanted to fuck her in the worst way! He couldn’t wait to rock her world!

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Her tight little teen ass so was so tight and so tight around his cock that he quickly got off… He pulled out and spit his entire jizz load right across her mouth!

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Latina Teen Slut Takes Facial

She might have been a teen and might have been a Latina, but she knew a thing or two about having sex… she was ready and able!

Lisa let him fuck her silly, right there in the boat….

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When he suddenly pulled out and put his cock in her face, she knew what was going on. He was about to cum and he expected her to take a facial. Well, this wasn’t the first time she was gong to take a load of jizz to the face! She was plenty ready!

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She took all of his jizz!

Hot Teen Foursome

When Clohe and her friends were horny they loved to tag team cock. Lesbian threesomes were no longer enough; They needed a cock to get off. And there is no man alive that will pass up having a foursome with three hot chicks…

Robert rammed his cock up inside of Suzanne while her two slutty girlfriends kissed her and sucked on her boobies! This just served to make Robert harder and harder!

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Robert was so turned on that he was able to produce enough sperm for all three chicks – who gladly ate it all down!

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Hot Slut Masturbating

It’s almost like Mary Jane was waiting for him – or any lucky prick that came jogging down the trail. She was horny and and bored and was playing with her pussy masturbating when Rodney came down the trail jogging.

She was horny and he was hard after catching her playing with her pussy…

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Her place was just down the street – and before they both knew it they were both naked and he was feeding her sperm out of his cock!

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Facial On A Boat

Two weeks ago when Destiny first Jimmy she knew she was in love. She told him that he had a boat, and she thought she was rich. She couldn’t wait to got out on her boat!

And when she did…. she got a special treat! Sex on a boat!

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And something new for this young slut – a hot sticky facial!

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She had never tasted jizz before, but now she knows what it’s like!

Teen Gets First Facial

Tiffany knew that men spit out jizz – she had been through health class! – but she had never received a facial or tried to swallow jizz down before. She was in for a special treat….

Turns out one afternoon young teen Tiffany was on her knees sucking off cock…

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When suddenly her man just spit out jizz on her face!

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And it turns out her first facial was full of lots of jizz!