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Time To Fuck

John came home from work one day and was shocked to find that his girlfriend and her friend Brenda were in the tub having a horny hot time.They had agreed to have a threesome but only when John was around and he felt pretty betrayed about this.His girlfriend had to diffuse the situation and talked him into seeing the bright side of things where he could now fuck them both at the same time!


He relented but his girlfriend knew just how to calm him down.She kneeled over next to him and took his dick out of his pants and started to fondle it.Brenda came over to watch and also to help handle his balls and stroke on his cock.John’s girlfriend then took his dick and gave him a blowjob as he closed his eyes and calmed down.


He got undressed and wanted to take Brenda’s nice pussy because it would be a new pussy he had never fucked before.Brenda agreed and turned over as he grabbed her hips a shoved his cock between her ass cheeks.His dick found her wet pussy hole and he banged her hard as Brenda ate out his girlfriends pussy.


Charlie Maid to Order

Charlie works part time as a maid up in the Hollywood Hills.She has regular clients that pay top dollar for this blonde babe.Its not that she does a good job cleaning, its that she has a very hot wet pussy that all the husbands at the houses like to fuck! Charlie makes a lot more money this way as she dresses up in a sexy outfit and heads out for some dick cleaning.


Her first customer gets the works as his wife leaves for the weekend.Charlie enjoys taking baths at their houses and then ends up fucking and sucking those horny older male cocks.Here we see her go to work and give a nice wet blow job to this lucky dick.


Time for her to ride the train as she hops on to the dick and starts to put it in her pussy.She jumps up and down and fucks that cock really nice.The thick long dick goes deep inside of Charlie and she enjoys making sure that his load gets cleaned out of his cock and inside of her.


Allison Angel In Pink

I never get used to the transformations sweet Allison Angel makes. One day she’s a slinky seductress and the next she’s holding her teddy bear.


Whichever way she goes she is ALWAYS hot and today it’s a theme of pink.


Pink dresses and pink camera filters and best of all her tender pink bits.