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Forget an education, this international student has traveled to other countries to get fucked and experience big cocks all over the world. Sure, she is a teen, but she isn’t inexperienced and is definitely not naive. She knows exactly what her looks do to men and she knows exactly what they want done to their dicks. Check her out taking off her jean shorts and lifting up her top. She shows her sweet little tits and offers up that round ass. Forget the pussy for a moment. As mighty fine as that slick pink slit looks, it is her asshole that gets plundered. She is all about the anal sex, opting to get her butt stuffed balls-deep with dick while bouncing on it! See it all inside Reality Kings.


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Liv Wylder Tries Anal Sex

Liv Wylder didn’t know what was about to happen. She was just a dumb teen thinking she was going to suck off some cock and then get off riding on top of him. Liv Wylder had no clue…

She was quick to take his cock in her mouth and suck him off just like usual…

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But then he bent her over and started to fuck her in the ass… Liv Wylder had never ever had anal sex before, but there was a first time for everything and now was as good as any other day to take a huge cock up her ass!

Having a huge cock up her ass hurt… At first… But then it started to feel really good!

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When he was fucking her ass his cock was touching her in places she had never ever been touched before!

First Time Anal Sex For Hot Teen

Steve knew that Jessie was young, but that was just perfect for him – he loved training new teen sluts on what he liked the most… And what he liked the most was going to be a first for this teen slut!

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He liked having anal sex and he really liked having anal sex with first time teen sluts… That’s exactly what Jessie was – a first time teen who had never had anal sex before!

Anal sex might hurt the first time, but this teen slut will learn to enjoy it!

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Hot Slut Loves Anal Sex

Amy had never done anal sex before, but she was getting a first hand lesson…

She was bent over with her ass up in the air taking a huge cock in her ass

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It was her first time having anal sex and she was being pounded… Hard!

She had a huge thick cock in her ass!

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Lisa always had a thing for older men. She wanted to be a sugar baby and she knew that meant she was going to have to be the best cock sucker in town. And she was pretty good!

She was more than willing to get down on her knees and take his cock in her mouth and suck him off!

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But what really surprised her was that he wanted anal sex – he wanted to ramp his cock up his poop shoot!

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Lisa was a hot teen who had never had anal sex before, and the only reason she was willing to let it happen was because he had a boat!

Teen Tries Anal

Jessie was so in love with Richard and wanted to marry him. They had just started dating, but she knew he was the one. But when she had a little fender ender in his pride and joy, well, she knew she was going to have to work over time to make him happy. She promised him anything he wanted…

They started off just like every other time they had sex – she started sucking him off but she knew what was going to happen next!

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He was gonna want anal!

Richard was going to want to fuck her tight little teen ass. And what a tight little teen ass she had too!

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Liv Wylder Has Anal Sex

Liv Wylder didn’t know it, but this time around with Ken she was in for a big surprise. She knew that he was kinky, and every so often he asked her to some things that were a little bit on the kinky side. She never said no and she wasn’t about to start now…

She started off just like every other time they had sex, by grabbing his cock with her hand and licking him up and down, and then giving him the usual blow job. She noticed his cock was a bit harder than before…

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Turns out he was planning on fucking her in the ass – which is why his cock was so hard! He was totally turned on by just the thought of it!

At first when he slammed his cock up her ass it hurt! Oh it hurt like hell! But she knew she’ll have to get used to it!

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Hot Asian Slut Fucked Up Ass

Joel thought that Charlene would be just like any other dumb teen slut he’s ever fucked. But when this Asian teen hottie suddenly got aggressive, he was surprised. Turns out this bitch likes to call the shots when she’s having sex!

She was all over him, sucking him off

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Then she suddenly she whispered in his ear the magic words…. She said “Fuck me up on the ass please“.

No way he was gonna say no to fucking this hot teen up the ass!


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Holly knew the drill. She knew exactly what she needed to do to get her man rock hard. And she needed her man to be harder than a rock!

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Holly is one of those hot young teens who loves anal sex – and she knows that his cock needs to be super hard to pull it off! Mostly because her tight little teen ass is too tight!

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But oh how she loves to have her ass raped like this!