Intel this specific website came out that provides live porn with Hot Pornstars everybody would say that there really wasn’t any difference at all, that’s because the live version of pornography didn’t have any famous porn models in it, they were either lonely or cheating housewives, or in most cases they were college students that would do these live porn videos from a college dorms, they would have a fellow student fuck them while there was a audience watching and they would pick up money for tuition, or to pay for this sorority bills. So people would be very disappointed in what they got, simply because the girls weren’t capable of doing what they were doing and of course they were being overcharged in exchange of extremely poor quality porn.


Then a website came out that offer the Hottest Pornstars that we all know, the reason we do know them is that they are all the ones that are on the most popular and most famous porn tubes, these are girls that do videos for brazzers, and most of them are featured on Playboy or Hustler magazine, so something is telling me that these are the best of the best and they have put them all together on one website and now you can watch live porn basically like you have never seen it before at a slashed price of a third of what it would cost you to watch the trash that we were talking about.

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