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Sucking Cock For A Ride

Lilly was a hot little teen slut, and she had a thing for sexy sport cars… She wanted to go for a ride, but she knew Tommy wasn’t about to let him drive… Unless she offered up something really good!

She looked so cute you would think he would have let her taken the car out for a spin just so he could look at her…

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But when she offered to suck him off… He motioned for her to get down on her knees. She did, and then took out his cock and started to suck him off

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Turns out this might just be the most exciting ride he ever took!

Sweet Teen Whore

Jennifer Sloan loves having sex outside… And finding a man to fuck her by the lake isn’t much of a problem either. All she’s got to do is offer up a free blow job and men are all over her… wanting to have sex with her!

At first Jack’s cock was small – perhaps he was too worried about getting caught – but she was going to suck him off and make him nice and hard!

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This is what slutty teen babes do!

Once his cock was hard… She laid back on the chair, and with one leg up in the air she let him fuck her brains out!

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Jamie Lamore Sucking Cock

Slutty Jamie Lamore knew exactly what she was doing… She knew the secret to better sex making his cock hard and keeping hard. And this was something Jamie Lamore knew how to do well.

In fact, Jamie Lamore lived to make cock hard with her mouth – she was a great little cock sucker…

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And when it came to getting fucked, she knew exactly how she liked to be fucked too… Jamie Lamore liked to be fucked from behind!

Being as his cock was already hard as a rock – she’ll be getting off quickly here!

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