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Teen Rides Cock

Tina didn’t understand what was going on. All she knew was that the more she sucked him off, the hornier she was getting. Maybe it because they were next to an indoor pool or maybe it was the fact she had on her high heels that made her feel like a teen pornstar. All she needed to know was that her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the moment!


When she finally climbed on top of him she was about ready to explode!

She fucked him raw by riding on top of him at the pool!


Sucking Fat Cock

She’s young and dumb and about to be full of cum, but that doesn’t matter too much to him right now. All she needs to know is that she’s got his cock in mouth and she’s sucking him down.

In fact, she’s pretty impressive for a teen cock sucker. Not too many teens can suck cock like this!

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But he’s still his hand behind her head – you know, just in case this teen slut isn’t sucking him down deep enough!

Beautiful Teen Babe Masturbates

Riley isn’t bashful about what she wants. She might be a hot teen with small perky boobs, but she knows what she wants. And most of the time that means she needs to do it herself!

What a beautiful teen babe she is!

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Once she gets naked… She’s all about the spreading her legs and fingering her pussy, masturbating, and getting off as quickly as she can!

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Dumb Red Head Sucks And Fucks

He was trying to play it like his boss’s house was his own. His boss was out of town and he was trying to impress this hot little teen red head into thinking it was a big balling when the truth was he really was a ditch digger during the day. But this dumb red head didn’t know that….

She was impressed AND turned on!

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She couldn’t wait to have his cock in her mouth. This might be her ticket to the big time – fucking and marrying someone who had lots of money!

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She was sure she was going to give her the best fuck of his life!

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Tiny Blonde Chick

Olivia had only been in town for a few months, but already she was seeing a trend – lots of people move to Hollywood with big dreams and spend all of their time working in restaurants while hoping for that big break that never comes. She wasn’t going to be a waitress for the next twenty years while waiting for an opportunity that would never cum.

A friend of hers turned her own to Phil, who worked at one of the bigger studios in town. She knew that if she could meet him and get off, she would be in.

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Turns out Phil likes tiny white girls with small boobies – he wouldn’t wait to fuck her.

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He would gladly get her a small part in one of the movies going on there – as long as she kept fucking his black brains out!

Loves Riding Cock

The moment Casey started sucking off his cock Paul knew there was something special about her. With her first attempt she sucked him down entirely, right down to the bone, as if it was no big deal. Oh, if only all teen sluts could learn how to suck cock like this!

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But sucking cock wasn’t even the good part. Oh, Casey was a great little cock sucker and loved to deep throat him, but that was nothing compared to when she mounted him and rode him like he was a bucking bronco at the rodeo!

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Hot Asian Slut Fucked Up Ass

Joel thought that Charlene would be just like any other dumb teen slut he’s ever fucked. But when this Asian teen hottie suddenly got aggressive, he was surprised. Turns out this bitch likes to call the shots when she’s having sex!

She was all over him, sucking him off

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Then she suddenly she whispered in his ear the magic words…. She said “Fuck me up on the ass please“.

No way he was gonna say no to fucking this hot teen up the ass!


Sucking Off The Mechanic

Lilly had a problem – something was wrong with her car. And when there was something wrong with her car, there was only one thing to do… Find a mechanic who liked being sucked off by a hottie like herself!

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Down on her knees she went, sucking him off, taking all of his cock in her mouth….

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She promised him that if he fixed her car for him she would do a lot more than just suck him off when she came back to pick it up!

Hot Teen Loves Cock

Molly wasn’t all too experienced when it came to having sex, but she wasn’t sure of what she was doing… She started off by jerking off his cock, playing with it, which was only teasing him and making him harder than ever before!

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Then she took his cock in her mouth, put her tittie in her hand, and started to play with her juggs while sucking him off!

Hot Asian Teen Gives Handjob

She might have been Asian, and a teen chick at that… But she knew that cocks are usually harder than what she had in her hand. She was going to have to do something about his cock!

This Asian teen slut was going to have to stroke him off!

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And work on getting his cock nice and hard!

She swore as she was jerking him off she could feel his cock grow in her hand!

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