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Short Jean Skirt

Sandy Summers is the chick you all want to hit….. And you just KNOW she’s not wearing any panties under this dangerously short skirt!

sexy-sandy-summers-short jean skirt

All you would need to do is bend her over just a bit so that her skirt shows her ass and her perfect peach of a pussy….. And then she would be all access!

My gosh Sandy Summers has some perfect breasts!

Yeah, we’ll have to bump this one up to the top of our “chicks we most want to fuck” list! I’d pay good money to see her sliding a vibrator up her pussy!

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Teens & Pigtails

One of the things I love about hot teens is how they all look sweet and innocent but the truth is more like they really want sex, raw and hard, and they’ll take it any which way they can get it.

This hot blonde with the pigtails is a great example!

teen vixen dildo fuck2

I know I know…. You want to grab those pigtails and just tag it from behind, but it seems she’s got other plans – including a vibrator right up inside of her pussy!

teen vixen dildo fuck1

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Young Chicks

One of my all time favorite websites is called Young Chicks. The title sort of says it all – lots of hot young women getting naked, getting fucked, or sometimes spreading their legs and sliding a vibrator into their hot young peach of a pussy! Can we say “Yummy???”

Megan is a great example – a tight little body with a great rack, beautiful ass, topped off with brown hair wrapped up in pig tails….. And you know how I like pig tails!!!

teen megan gets off vibrator1 teen megan gets off vibrator2

Just like all young chicks these days she has one thing on her mind – sex.

She needs to get off and she needs to get off in a bad way…. Just like all of her other friends she has a small arsenal of sex toys, from vibrators to dildos to double sided dongs – the double sided dongs is in case she decides to get off with one of her teen girlfriends!

Today it’s just a simple gold vibrator…. Megan stands up, spreads her legs, and slides the vibrator into her pussy… She turns it on and slides it in and out of her snatch; Her pussy is instantly soaking wet!

teen megan gets off vibrator3

I can watch a young chick like Megan get off with her sex toys all day long!

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Hot Blonde Teen Ashley

I swear to god I want to fuck every teen on the Nubiles website…. These guys love teens!

Meet my latest favorite, teen hottie Ashley. I love her blonde hair and her perky little rack!

I love it when hot teens dress up in a tight shirts and short little jean mini skirts, showing off their cute little legs….. I swear when they walk by me I can smell their snatch and their pussy juices, because you know damn well half of these teen chicks don’t wear panties!

sexy teen blonde ashley1

Turns out in this case this young hot chick is in fact wearing panties. It’s not the thong I like to see on a hot blonde teen, but in this case it might just work out because her panties are a bit tight on her and she’s got a great camel toe thing going on!

I just want to peel those little panties off of her, expose her snatch, and eat her up like a peach!

sexy teen blonde ashley2

And yes, her little snatch looks like just a little peach… I’m going out on a limb here but this hot teen looks like she’s got a few miles on her – she’s not so damn sweet and innocent – and you just know she likes to taken from behind when she’s down on her hands and knees, and likes to be fucked hard!

sexy teen blonde ashley3

I love it when she takes her manicured nails and shoves up inside of her pussy…… And then slides it in and out!

I like fresh young pussy when it’s soaking wet!

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Hot In Hollywood

Rachelle is one of those hot teens who has been blessed with not only good a genes but also a good rack…. She’s an innocent girl who wants to be bad so badly, so she dresses up like a little whore in a tight little jean skirts and wears too much makeup.

With her cute long blonde hair with black streak in it she’s trying to be bad, but what you notice the most is her breasts – that massive glorious rack!

Rachelle has made her way to Hollywood where she thinks she’s going to turn heads, snap her fingers, and become a Hollywood starlet overnight…… She doesn’t know she’s landed in the middle of a foreign country where all the women are made up of plastic, have massive melons, wear too much make up, and dress like whores…..

hot teen gets fucked hard1

So hottie Rachelle shows up for her first time audition thinking she’s going to rule and walk out with the role of her choice….. But reality smacks her hard in the face when a short time later she’s got her titties out and she’s on her knees sucking off the producers assistant who might tell his boss about her depending on how well she sucks him off!

What she doesn’t know is that she’s the third teen whore to suck him off today!

hot teen gets fucked hard2

But Rachelle quickly figures this out when she sees the lipstick on his cock and decides that she needs to take it to the next level and has to spread her legs open wide for him and let him fuck her any which way he wants…..

Being as Rachelle is a teen slut from a small town she quickly spreads her legs and gets down to business, letting him poke his huge cock inside of her snatch!

hot teen gets fucked hard3

In the end this guy comes inside of her after giving her a good hard ride, and then kicks her out the door while saying “Don’t wait by the phone bitch”. She sucked his cock and let him fuck her and she got nothing for it!

Welcome to Hollywood you teen whore!

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Teen Cheerleaders

Remember the days when you had a thing for cheerleaders? I haven’t forgot what it’s like to have a hot teen cheerleader ready to ride up on my cock….

This one is ready to do it all!

cindy teen cheerleader1

Oh, and what a tight little ass she has! Seems to me she loves to show it off too!

cindy teen cheerleader2

I would so hit that!!!

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Pamela Spice Going Deep

Talk about your young teens with a dildo up in side of their pussy…. Check it – Pamela Spice buck ass naked in her back yard with a neat little black dildo in her pussy!

I swear this chick has perfect breasts – not too big, not too small – and I’m sure they would look wonderful when she’s doing jumping jacks naked…. Or when she’s getting fucked real hard from behind!!!

But that’s not important right here and right now. What’s important is watching her get off with that dildo!!!

pamela spice dildo fun

That’s a little slice of heaven I’d love to have fucking herself in my back yard!

Pamela Spice, come to daddy! I’ll teach you how to use a real cock and not some black plastic dildo you little teenage whore you!

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Double Vibrators

Oh my gosh – I’d love to get down and freaky with this hot teen! Her name is Craving Carmen and she’s got a body to die for – PERFECT fucking tits and an ass that won’t quit!

Looks like she’s got some vibrators and some lube on the staircase…. Looks like she’s about to have a field day; She’s already half naked and I’m guessing she doesn’t so much as a thong on!

craving carmen1

Here we go – it’s dildo in the pussy time!

Craving Carmen – who I’m starting to crave more and more every moment – is down on the stairs with that jean skirt up, her legs spread, and a nice little silver vibrator right up in her snatch! She’s about to get off big time!!!

craving carmen2

What’s this? The vibrator in the snatch isn’t enough for Craving Carmen? She needs more? She’s putting two vibrators up inside of her – one in her pussy and one in her ass? (So I’m guessing anal isn’t out of the question, is it?) This girl is freaky!

Two vibrators at once? Holy shit! This girl knows how to handle sex toys!

craving carmen3

Craving Carmen just jumped to the top of my most desirable teens list…. She’s cute, has a killer body, beautiful tits, loves to masturbate on her own, and can handle two vibrators in two different holes at the same time!!!! Yeah, she’s the one I want the most.

I would so fuck her brains out!

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Desperate Teens

One of the things I love most about teens is the fact that they are always desperate for cash – and they’ll do nearly anything to help make their rent payment!!!

This one hottie – Christine – is one of those chicks who needs some extra cash to make ends meet this month….. She’s hooked up with the Teens For Cash people and she’s about to get fucked for some cash! She’ll have no problems making ends meet this month…. A little blow job here and and a little blow job there….. And Christine will make a nice little profit!

hot teen fucking for cash1

She’s naked and all loaded up with cash and ready to party it up!

Christine has nice perky boobs and a tight little snatch that I could eat for hours!

hot teen fucking for cash2

Turns out she’s a good whore who loves to be on top!

What a bonus for her…. She gets fucked nice and hard while riding up on top – and gets paid for her troubles too!

hot teen fucking for cash3

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Hot Teen Fucked Hard

Here is one hot teen I’d love to fuck hard…. Found her on the Young Chicks website!

hot teen gets fucked1

Having her sit on my lap sounds like a good way to enjoy the day but I like to hit it from behind…. Hot teens on their knees getting fucked from behind – nice and hard – always gets me going!

hot teen gets fucked2

When you get her on her knees with her legs spread wide, your cock inside of her, her face on the bed or floor….. That’s when you know it’s going to be fast and hard and one wild ride!

hot teen gets fucked3

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