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Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

So I usually don’t post stuff like this as you probably know, but I’ve been a closet Kendra Wilkinson fan ever since the Girls Next Door first came on. And by fan I mean, I can watch the show with the sound turned off, that’s about as far as it goes. Kendra is hot as fuck, but like Jenny McCarthy she’s annoying as fuck every time she opens her mouth. So luckily now we get to see her in all her real glory…


Ok, yeah I know, home made sex tape, blah blah blah… well we get to see her sucking and fucking before she became a C list star laughing and snorting her way through the mansion.


Supposedly this tape, and others were done when she was 18 as a means to get popular. She apparently tried to sell them to Playboy and others to make a name for herself. Personally I would have been happier to see her in one of our normal posts fucking on camera for real, but she went the poser route.

So, enjoy and take a look, I know I did!

Kylee Lick and Fuck

Kylee was in the neighborhood and she wanted a nice long pop to lick and suck on because it was a very hot day today.She recognized the porno ice cream truck from all the videos her and her hot friends have watched online.She asked for the longest pop and we invited her to come and have a personal taste testing with out boy Nick.She got inside an the fun began.


As she licked on her long sweet pop Nick had a chance to bury his face between her legs and he found her pink pussy.He stuck his tongue out as he licked her pink pussy and he made her have a good times.This made her get even more hornier and enjoying her pop for sure.She wanted dto compare the sizes of the pop and the cock so she got on her knees and see which would win.


She licked them both and she preferred the cock because it could go straight inside of her pink pussy.She told Nick to sit down with his cock in the air and when she saw that he was hard enough she jumped up top and began to ride on the dick as Nicks cock was fucking her pussy proper!


Alanah Loves to Fuck

Alanah loves to fuck.She cant help it that she enjoys a dick so much that she will do anything to get it.Luckily shes my girl for this weekend and i was able to enjoy her full body to her upmost horniest.I grabbed and licked on her nice round breasts as i got ready to show her just how much my cock wanted to be inside of all of her holes.


She took my cock to the limits as she opened up her mouth and began to suck on my cock hardcore.She took my dick all the way down her throat and she was giving me a blowjob that i will never forget.This babe knows how to keep a cock happy and she was the best at doing this.


Time for me to open her up wide and take that pussy with my cock.I lunged forth towards her wet pink hole and i began to pump her pussy with my dick.I fucked her nice and good and made that pink wet hole get all wet and messy as i came all up inside of this hot teen babe.


Teen Threesome

Monica was hanging out with her best friend Sandy and her boyfriend when Sandy suggested they should pass the time by having a threesome.Monica didnt know if she would be ok with her boyfriends cock fucking her too so she waited until Sandy started the fun. Monica leaned back as Sandy and her boyfriend began to fondle her and suck on her nice titties.She enjoyed the double action going on with her.


Pretty soon both of the teens were working on that long cock together.The two babes got together and Began to lick and suck on the long thick cock.Sandy made Monica sit up and take that cock into her pussy.She grabbed her ass by the hips and helped Monica get a nice bounce as she fucked Sandy boyfriend.


Sandys boyfriend wanted dto take his turn and take control of the two pussies so he had Monica turn around so he could fuck her doggy style.Meanwhile, Monica began to lick on Sandys nice pussy lips too!


Long Cock Teen Fuck

Adriana was in for a surprise when she invited her best friend Tommy over for a nice suck and fuck now that her parents went away for the weekend.She didnt know that he had such a huge long cock! As soon as she pulled it out of his pants she knew she was in for quite a treat.She gave that long thick cock a nice hand job to get it erect and ready for her.


When the cock was strong and firm she didnt waste any time because she wanted it to go straight into her wet pussy.She turned around and showed her ass to his cock and soon he starte dto penetrate her and pound on that pussy really hard.She took that dick in pretty deep and she had a good time getting fucked by that cock.


Freshman Kara

Freshman Kara has a lot to learn about college and life.Thankfully she picked me to teach her all these sexy lessons because she knew i had a huge long cock.She came to my place looking to take her next lesson and i was glad to take time out of my day to fuck her nice and good.I grabbed on her nice body and pulled her skirt off to see her nice ass and tits.


She got down and began to suck on my long cock with her lips.She sucked my dick nice and good and i was enjoying helping her by teaching her how to arch her back as she did the good deed.I watched her blow my cock with her lips and get me rock hard to fuck on her pussy.


Now it was time to penetrate this babe.She laid down on the bed and she closed her legs as i lifted them upwards.I held them together as i took my long dick and shoved them in between her pink pussy lips.She let out a small yelp and once i was in i knew it was time to fuck this hot babe silly.


Naughty Taylor

Naughty Taylor had her boyfriend come home from work in order to get fucked by his cock.She took advantage of the situation because there was nobody home and she was very horny for him.When he arrived he began to kiss her all over and feel up her naughty teen body as he held her nice ass and titties and massaged them all over.


Taylor made her boyfriend eat her pussy out just the way that she likes it! She got on the couch and spread her legs wide open as she told him to come over and lick her all over her nice pink private parts.He started to use his tongue as he licked that pink pussy and made her moan and feel exactly how she wanted to be feeling.


Now it was time for her to receive his cock inside.As she lay down she opened up her legs and he started to fuck her pussy with his cock.Nice and stiff and long that dick was pleasing this horny teen babe and she was happy that she got the chance to have some sex with him.


Take Home Candice

I wanted to take home teen Candice after meeting her at the park and seeing how horny and hot she was in person.She was looking for a dog that she lost but i told her i would console her by taking her back to my place and helping her forget about her dog.She agreed and we walked up to my apartment as i stared at her nice ass.


Once we got inside she was all up on my cock.She leaned in and she took my dick into her mouth as she began to suck me off and give me head.With her awesome teen lips she was sucking on my cock and giving me horny blowjob that felt really good and helped to get my cock nice and hard.


Finally it was time for me to shove my dick down her pussy and i did just that.I took my long thick cock and started to pound her between her pussy lips as my cock was wet and dripping from penetrating her over and over again with my dick.


Natalia For Fun

Natalia was here for fun and i couldn’t let her down.She arrived looking so cute and sexy in her pink outfit tha it reminded me of her pussy.I pulled her over towards me as i stared to rub on her pussy with my fingers through her panties and licked on her titties.Her nipples were nice and hard.


She got down on her knees and she wanted dto tease my dick.I didnt have a problem because her sexy teen lips would look great as they wrap around my cock and get ready to please me orally.


I have her lay down and wide open as her legs look god and ready to receive my cock between them.My cock aims for her pussy and i begin to pump my dick into her wet teen hole over and over again making her cum.


Make Kiera A Star

Kiera wants to be a hot and horny porn star.Though she only turned 19 she knows she has what it takes to make it in the porn world.Today will be her very first experience getting some cock inside of her while she gets filmed.She lets the cock actor undress her and kiss her body.This makes her feel very special and her nipples get erect and hard at the thought of him going even further.


She gets down on her knees and gets to working on the cock.She knows that a nice hard long cock will do wonders for her pussy and the scene.She makes sure its erect and stiff as she jacks him off and also lets the cock go into her mouth where she gives him a blowjob and please him.