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Charlie Maid to Order

Charlie works part time as a maid up in the Hollywood Hills.She has regular clients that pay top dollar for this blonde babe.Its not that she does a good job cleaning, its that she has a very hot wet pussy that all the husbands at the houses like to fuck! Charlie makes a lot more money this way as she dresses up in a sexy outfit and heads out for some dick cleaning.


Her first customer gets the works as his wife leaves for the weekend.Charlie enjoys taking baths at their houses and then ends up fucking and sucking those horny older male cocks.Here we see her go to work and give a nice wet blow job to this lucky dick.


Time for her to ride the train as she hops on to the dick and starts to put it in her pussy.She jumps up and down and fucks that cock really nice.The thick long dick goes deep inside of Charlie and she enjoys making sure that his load gets cleaned out of his cock and inside of her.


Teens get conned

Marissa and Yasmin had delivered some clothes to a local dry cleaner.When the owner came out to see who was ringing the bell he was quite surprised to find two sexy looking babes that he just wanted to taste for himself.He gave them the run around that he couldn’t find their stuff so the girls started to panic and mention that they would do anything to get the garments back.The owner had a rather lovely idea that he wouldn’t let go to waste.


He told them that if they got down and dirty with him he would try to do everything he could to find their garments.the girls really needed the clothes so they didnt hesitate to get down on their knees and begin to suck on his cock.They were surprised the owner had such a huge dick but in the end they were enjoying pleasing him and getting their lips wet with his pre-cum.


He then took the girls and stood them up as he took his time with each one and opened up their legs.he had them place the legs on the counter so his cock could have easy access on penetrating them and stuffing their pussies with his long dick.


Study My Cock

Jessica and Nancy were studying at the library when Josh came over and started to talk to them.At first the girls didnt notice that Josh had a huge boner that was sticking out of a hole in his pants.the tip of the dick was visible as the girls giggled in glee.They wanted to see what else his dick could do so they decided to spend some extra time to study his cock.


Jessica got down first and Nancy followed as they started to give him a blow job.Josh has a very thick long dick that he wanted to shove inside both of their faces really deep but the girls weren’t having none of that as they fought for control of the cock in their mouths.


It was now Nancy;s turn to have her pleasure and she jumped on Josh’s cock nice and slow.She started to move her body back and forth and ride on that fat long cock good. Jessica helped her from behind and also sneaked in a nipple pinch here and there to help her friend get even more hornier!


Spot My Pussy

Monica decided to join a gym because she figured she’d be able to meet some horny guys there and have her pussy get nice and pleased by some thick dicks.On her first day it didnt take long as she pouted her nice ass out and caught the eyes of Daniel checking her out.She asked him to come over and as he arrived she very bluntly asked him if he could spot her wet pussy! She gave him some doe eyed look and he was ready to help her get into shape.


He pulled her clothes off and pulled his shorts down.She opened right up and placed her leg up on the work out bench.She helped him direct his dick straight into her already wet horny pussy.He started to fuck her right then and there!


Roxy Reed Fucks

Roxy Reed wanted to record herself fucking a stranger, something she’s never done before.A few weeks ago she wrote an address on a library book and asked the first willing cock that read it to come down for a cock.She got lucky and nabbed and thick dicked young dude that was horny for her lips and pussy.


He arrived and she started to take some sexy pictures.He got naked and she did the same as she got on her knees and took his dick into her mouth.She started to lick and suck on that dick as the dude just moaned and leaned his head back to close his eyes.It has been awhile since he received a blow job from a hot babe.


She lays down on the sofa and opens wide as he walks over and jams his cock inside of her pussy.She hold on and he pumps her nice and hard that makes her boobs jiggle with the motion.They fuck and get very wet as he shoots his cumload inside of her pussy.


Lexi Love Lifeguard Fuck

Lexi Love was working as a lifeguard at her local pool when she was called over to take a guy out that had fallen into the water.Apparently he was a little bit tipsy and couldn’t swim so Lexi sprung into action and dove into the pool as she rescued the dude from drowning.As she was giving mouth to mouth she felt him grab her from behind her head and start to kiss her.Lexi was mad at first but when she saw that he was cute she invited him over to the clubhouse.


She started to rub her ass on his cock to make sure he was hard and ready for Lexi.She wanted to teach him that he shouldn’t mess with a lifeguard on duty and she wanted to make sure he was all right as well.She decided to give him the special mouth to dick move where she took his long dick inside of her mouth and she started to suck on it giving him a great blowjob.


He picked her up and held her by her big ass as he stuck his dick inside of her tight anal hole.He started to pump her and assfucking her.This life guard had never gotten as fucked like this before and all the people at the pool heard her screams of joy.


Amber Rayne shop and Fuck

Amber Rayne was out shopping with her boyfriend for some new clothes.She didnt like most of the stuff that he was picking out and it was making her very frustrated.Frustrated to see another woman handling her man and undressing him and dressing him at the same time.When the store clerk left to attend some other customers she walked over and insisted that he fuck her there on the spot so she would know that he still loved her.


He was surprised to see her so jealous but he would never turn down a fuck no matter where he was so he didnt fight it and let her take his cock out of his pants.She began to lick on the head of his dick and get it all nice and juicy.She was on her knees and the other shoppers were stopping to see what the commotion was.


The couple got even hornier knowing that all these strangers were now crowded around them watching them fuck.They started to bust out with some crazy moves as Amber lifted her leg up and he shoved his cock inside of her pussy in full view that everyone was watching the action!


Jessica and Jae fuck

Jessica and Jae needed to have a car wash to raise some money for a non profit they both support.They met Matt because he volunteered to let them use his driveway and use his water for them to have their car wash. The girls were very great full and wanted to show him just how good they felt that he let them use his drive way.So the girls cornered him before the car wash started and had him sit down so they can tell him the good news on how they wanted to thank him.At first he couldn’t believe what the girls were telling him but he smiled a big grin and he was excited for how the girls were going to repay him.


The girls had him stand up as they took out his big cock and they started to lick and suck on it at the same time.these horny girls were taking his dick in and out of their mouths and he was just closing his eyes and enjoying their tongues touching his dick and getting it very wet.They were tugging on that cock and fighting to have it inside of their mouths as they were enjoying his big long dick.


He thought that him getting a blowjob from these hot girls was all that was going to happen but they were even more excited to have him stick his cock inside of their pussies.They then had him sit down and they stood in front of him.Jessica wanted to go first so as he grabbed her hips she squatted down and sat her pussy on his cock.Her wet pussy was very warm and she started to ride his cock.


Racquel Sucks And Fucks

Racquel is my best friends sister and i knew she was a kinky freak but i never knew that she would be coming over to my house every single day to get fucked by me and my cock.This playful babe has always had a crush on me but i never let her do anything because her brother might have gotten mad with me.Well i changed my mind one time when i was over at their house and i caught her masturbating in her bedroom.She needed a cock on a daily basis and i was welling to help her out.


She gets on her knees and licks on my long cock like a lolli pop.It might not be sweet but my long stiff dick sure leaves her messy and her mouth very wet from licking up and down.She likes to lick the more sensitive areas like my mushroom headed cock and get it nice and wet and all horny.She spends her time sucking and licking my cock but i real let her in for the other reason.


That other reason is bending her over and shoving my cock inside of her and banging her real hard.She likes it fast and round and from this picture you can see that she has multiple orgasms whenever i fuck this hot teen with my cock.


Britney’s Happy Ending

Britney was working the summer at a massage parlor so she could get enough money for college.She wasnt making nearly enough fast until one of the other teen girls showed her a trick to enjoy herself and make some more extra cash as well. She taught her about the idea of a happy ending and how most guys will pay anything to get one by a big tit blonde teen.Of course she only had this special menu option for the guys she thought were cute.Today Jay went in to relieve his stress and boy did he ever accomplish that!


As Britney was massaging his body her hands wound up on his crotch and she began to massage his balls and long dick.He was surprised at first but didnt say anything because it felt really good.She was playing with his genitals and getting his cock nice and hard.She finally leaned over and stuffed his dick inside of her mouth.She started to suck him off real good and he just leaned back and enjoyed this hot teen with his cock in her mouth.


She remembered she had another appointment soon so she jumped on his cock and really started to get to work.She couldn’t scream out the pleasure she was really feeling because if the managers found out she was sucking and fucking the clients for more money she would get fired.But she did get on that cock and rode it as Jay really got his money worth and more from this horny blonde teen.