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Teen Model Fuck

I went to take some pictures for my portfolio with a new edgy photographer that is making the rounds.It didnt hurt that i thought he was pretty cute too and he made me feel real at ease as he snapped away and we took some glamour shots.I dont know what got into me but all of a sudden i got extremely horny and i took my top off.I figured i could try out for some of those teen porno sites as well and maybe maybe some cash on the side.He didnt flinch when i showed him my tits and instead walked over and started to feel up my tits.He said the pictures would look better with my nipple nice and pointy so he started to tug on them!


It felt good as he handled my boobs and snapped some pictures but i really wanted to go further with him.I stripped off and showed him my pussy as he started to get undressed as well.He had a nice big long cock i knew it would look good in the pictures as he fucked me good.Well ha walked over and i opened up my legs, his cock felt great as it pushed itself inside of me.He started to hump me good an it felt great as his thick ass dick was pumping my nice and pink pussy.


I wanted him to go deeper so i turned around and he found my wet pussy hole.He was still taking pictures as he began to pound my wet hole and go way deeper inside of me.I had never had such a long cock go all the way inside of my pussy but it felt really good as the long dick went in and out and pleased me good!


Best Friend Sex

Sandy and Mandy were very into each other.These two horny teens couldn’t get enough of each other and would often lie to their parents about where they would be.The girls would have sleep overs all the time and they would share some sexy times with their bodies.On this particular day they actually ditched school and went to Sandy’s house as they slipped into her moms lingerie and were ready to have an afternoon delight!


Sandy started to pull off the sexy clothing from her best friend Mandy and some nice big tits were revealed.They looked into each others eyes and started to touch each other’s titties.They girls got completely naked and started to feel up on each others pussies too.As Sandy had Mandy lay down, she rubbed her hands all over her pussy and kissing it all over.


Mandy then straddled her best friend and forced her nice big tit into her mouth.She started to suck on her nice big tit and licking on that nipple.The girls were moaning and having fun and were ready to break out the toys for some penetration in the pussies.


Cindy gets Massaged

Cindy was ready to get a hot massage from the best parlor in town.They secretly use some stiff hard cocks to please their clients and today was no exception.You have to be a pretty hot babe to get an appointment at this salon because the hard cocks are well worth it.Cindy picked out the doggy style special and she started to get undressed once she saw the cock that was going to massage and rub on her teen pussy for fun.


She turned around and bent over as the hard long cock started to inch its way inside of her wet pink hole.She looked back behind her and ordered the muscular big dick to fuck her hard.He didnt need any directions because he likes to wreck those pussies with his stiff tool and pound on those assess while his dick gets wet in their holes.


He rubbed some lotion on her nice round ass and legs to get a nice finish and cum all over her body.When he uses the oil, the cum just slips right off of their bodies.Cindy had the best pink pussy this hard cock had ever fucked.The hole was nice and big on the outside but once his cock was entered inside the pussy this nice pink lips wrapped around it.


Mia Kelly Fucks and Sucks

Mia Kelly was in the mood for some white stuff inside of her mouth.She was messing around with a can of whipped cream when we took out our boy with the big fat cock.She was happy to see a dick she could fuck because she was getting very horny just playing with some fruit and whipped cream.


Talk about horny teens and you can bet your ass off that you’ll remember Mia Kelly next time! In this wild set this horny blonde babe takes a fat cock hardcore in her pussy and in her mouth.We got some great angles of this stiff dick penetrating her pink pussy and shoving that cock in and out of the hole.That dick was very wet because Mia was dripping pussy juice the whole time!


Next we wanted to see how deep she could take that long fat cock so she opened her mouth and welcomed it in.She started to give a long dick blowjob when the cock got very aggressive with her mouth.She was gagging on the stiff dick but wanted to take it in all the way to get a great show of the action.As she opened her mouth and that cock was shoved in, her eyes started to water but she took it all in like a champ! That was a great Deep throat challenge accomplished!


Riley Gets Physical

Riley enrolled in a new type of workout regiment that will tone up all her external muscles as well as her inside muscles! This is a new hot and very expensive program started by a personal trainer that wanted to show women how to naturally get fit and stay that way while enjoying it.They start her out by having those natural tits out in the open.


She begins to work on the weights just to get warmed up for whats to come.As the workout progresses, its gets even funner and funner. She’s made to lay on her back and have her legs opened wide.As a big fat cock penetrates her pussy lips she begins to break a sweat.She enjoys taking that fat cock into her pussy and being pumped!


Next up is her final routine where she has to turn around and take it good.That fat long cock gets pounded into her pink hole and makes her break her submission.She feels that long rod going deep inside of her and touching the only real muscle tha matters, the G spot!


Madison Relaxes

Madison had just finished Finals and needed something special to relax. She came to out body massage shop and ordered the works. I saw her walk in and i wanted to get this big butt babe as a client because she made my cock perk up.I watched her get undressed from a peep hole and that nice round ass was all i needed to see as i walked in and began to please her.


After a good rub down,i started to finger her pussy to see how she would take it.She just started to moan and sigh and tell me how good it felt.I Turned her to her side and opened her legs wide so i can get easy access to her pussy.I Shoved my cock into her wet pink hole as she looked at me in approval to go faster.


I was pounding that pussy good but then she wanted doggy style.I was glad because as she turned around and got on all fours her big round as was looking great! Her pussy hole got even wetter and my cock was gliding in and out of that nice teen pussy with ease.


Victoria White Fucks

Victoria White just recently got an internship position at her favorite record label promoting the new releases.Her job is to go hang out at very busy locations around the city with CD’s in hand and earphones on.She met this guy Joey who was really cute and was flirting with her.He said that his band was actually about to get signed onto that label and it impressed her a lot.He told her she should go back to his place and get to know him and his music before they hit it big.She was excited so she agreed to do it.


After they got to his apartment he started telling her how him and his band were going to hit it big and be really famous. She was very happy for him and started to flirt with him so maybe he would take her along for the ride.She knew that if she pleased him and gave up her pussy maybe he would get strung out on her nice pussy and fuck techniques.So she hatched a plan and started to suck on his long cock.


She then opened her legs up wide so he could penetrate her pink lips with his cock.He started to bang her good and she was having a great time as well.She started thinking of all the tour dates she would be able to travel with him around the world. She bents over and turned up her earphones as she felt his big dick start ramming her pussy from behind!


Ping Pong Fuck

Jenny was at her friend Rod’s house playing a friendly game of Ping Pong.She wore her official playing uniform and was kicking his ass at the game.She looked so hot and sexy that the outfit hugged her curves and when she bent over her nice big ass was in full moon view.Rod was getting mad that this sexy hot girl was beating him at a easy game.


She even started to tease Ron by undoing her top and showing him her titties.She would catch the ball with her nice round tits and smile for him to let him know how good she was at playing the game.Rod was a sore loser and was getting very sexually frustrated with her.


He took her over and bent her over to reveal her big round ass.He took his paddles and started to slap her on the ass with them.He knew he would get her ass nice and red from his frustrations.


Claudia gets Horny

Claudia is a very sexy girl that just loves to have some fun.She made her way to my house and i started to take some poses of her in her sleek white dress,With her beautiful captivating eyes and pouty pink lips i was getting very horny and she noticed my boner through my shorts.She knew i wanted to fuck her then and there and luckily for me she came with tha idea in mind.


I opened up her legs and started to fuck her with my cock as i kept snapping pics.She even pulled out a few toys she wanted me to use on her aching sexually pussy.She had a very wet pussy that felt great as i stuck my cock into.


She wanted to finish me with my cum inside of her mouth so she bent down and started to suck on my cock.She took my whole dick inside of her mouth and started to give me a deep throat too!